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Artist: Sze Jones  |  March 4, 2010  | 

Proud to present the queen of games character design, lovely Sze Jones in her debut ST video! A favorite Pixies B side to accompany this beautiful sketch.

complete_bsides The Pixies


  1. Gyzmotnik

    Just got done watching the making of Warhammer online trailer video at Gnomon and then stumbled across Sze’s sketch vid here. Great sketch! It looks a bit like a tatoo design with the style and the slightly toned ground makes it look even more like one. Cheers for sharing

  2. Alex Alvarez

    Go Sze… great sketch… Thanks for taking the time to do it for us!!! 🙂

  3. Kerem

    Awesome as always. Sze is amazing artist!

  4. Goktug Gurellier

    How lovely!…

  5. SERPO

    Beautiful piece!

  6. Wibin Ayinikat

    Simply Amazing !!! Sze u rock totally 🙂

  7. Staton Allen

    Wonderful work Sze!

  8. Frank Silas

    That was truly inspirational. Thanks Sze! I was at Gnomon for ‘The Making of Warhammer Online Trailer’ presentation. You guys rocked it , for sure. Beautiful sketch!

  9. Gordon Goane

    That was very cool, and I love the sketch.
    Makes me wanna go draw something myself, great job Sze.

  10. Joao Aliano

    Thanks Sze, that was very beautiful. Loving the mermaid. And Pixies rule!

  11. Sze Jones

    Thank you so much for your love, encouragements and support. I would also like to thank Alex, Lily and her teams to put this together.

  12. Manny Gastelum

    Sze, I totally enjoyed that! WOW! I Love your art work.

  13. bharat

    hi sze i love ur art aswel as geting more inspired by ur dedication tu ur artwork…

  14. Isaac Garcia

    This is my favorite vid on this entired site. loved it, great job!! Hope to see more!!

  15. House Dg

    so beautiful!!! like Zse…

  16. Nuri AYDOĞDU

    Thank you sze for this video! o_O

  17. nararaj

    nice and beautiful, i like that..

  18. Ashish Jaiswal

    Thanx Sze you r always great.. 🙂

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