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Artist: Nicholas Escasany  |  February 3, 2011  | 

Debut time! Please welcome awesome Los Angeles concept artist Nicholas Escasany to ST,  this killer first installment with a track from Small World!

R-150-82951-1262561648 Small World


  1. -Idojima-

    ugh would love to watch it but it appears to not be showing up….. ???????

  2. Diko

    why 🙁 it’s look awsome .someone try to upload it again plz .. i like to watch it …

    btw if everyone like to follow my sketches can follow me on my facebook account ^^

  3. Kate

    Awesome Nick! It came out pretty dope!
    I love how you still managed to get your head in the shot even with the new set up that was supposed to prevent that. Well done.

  4. Lily Feliciano

    haha Kate totally! I thought it was nearly impossible but then upon playback, there it was! 🙂

  5. Diko

    that was awesome .. i like it

  6. Diki

    Nice development Nick, bit of a quick exit – coz we don’t get to set a final pull back ‘hero’ shot – it ended so abruptly !*?# what the… where did he go?

  7. hymnharmonia

    Can’t see it either, been happening with several other videos on here as well.

  8. dan harding


  9. Golem_Québécois

    It comes from imaginary and I like it!

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