Nathan Ota 01

Artist: Nathan Ota  |  January 13, 2012  | 

Catch Nathan Ota in his ST debut …. fast and furious with the avant-garde genius John Zorn!

John Zorn


  1. Jemor Campbell

    Sweet this is really cool work Nathan…………..

  2. K Candy

    Very nice work indeed
    With all the page spinning it was kinda like being thrown down a stairway into good art.

  3. Caerphilly

    That is super sweet! And the music fits perfectly.

  4. -Idojima-

    Wow that was awesome.

  5. Apricot

    Nathan is one of my favorite artists! Expertly done.

  6. Conny

    Awesome sketch but I’m feeling dizzy.

  7. Cecil

    makes me feel dizzy..but good!!!

  8. Thorin Coronado

    really makes me envy you guys as an artist, amazing job!

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