Nathan Frizzell 03

Artist: Nathan Frizzell  |  March 19, 2008  | 

pe-the_mountain_goats-heretic_prideThe Mountain Goats


  1. isaac bills

    outstanding, really enjoyed this one

  2. blue~

    Beautiful artwork, I love the style of drawing .Amazing talent.

  3. Mr_Skyfish

    The shadows in this are amazing bud! Awesome job!

  4. Conny

    This is my fav of all time

  5. TylerWoo

    Making it look easy. Great music choice.

  6. Graveshow

    This gets more and more amazing every time I watch it

  7. Gorfs8

    Nice style. Best artist of the website., peace!

  8. O-P

    This inspired me more than anything ever. Amazing talent, brilliant artwork

  9. Pelu

    In my oppinion, the best sketch on the Theatre.

  10. Jacob Dearing

    hey your art work is amazing, i mean it really keeps my focus and thats really hard to do, for a long time now i have been trying to find something that i thought would be worth tattooing on myself and some of your work i would get it in a heart beat, but i wont get anything unless i can have permission from the artist but ether way truely increadible stuff.

  11. Lerch

    I want this on a tee shirt so bad


    That is a sick sketch and I love The Mountain Goats! Perfect combo of art and music. Would be a badass t-shirt.

  13. rich p

    is it me or did he not erase once? one of the most amazing drawings ive ever seen

  14. EL

    Brilliant!! Magnificent!!

  15. Mathieu

    I really love this piece, when I saw you draw in the mask I was little unsure, now I see that is is perfect. Very beautiful and I love the concept. 😀 500 stars

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