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Artist: Maxx242  |  March 26, 2011  | 

Welcome Maxx 242 in a killer debut, track from NIN in a finest hour.

ninx NIN


  1. Conny

    Hey! Amazing sketch, loved it!

    To the ST guys: please if you could, include the song NAMES too. Cause I wanted to look this one up and I had to listen to the lyrics.. which wasn’t the easiest lol.

  2. Apricot

    I love how you go from general to specific and leave the focal point on the head! Excellent.

  3. Jessica Ward


  4. Stan

    Its March of the Pigs by NIN

  5. Dayne

    Heck yes Mr Maxx!!! Good stuff man

  6. Robin Powell

    Wow, I love the art, and I love Nine Inch Nails. 🙂 Fantastic.

  7. Caerphilly

    I want to see more!

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