Mari Inukai 01

Artist: Mari Inukai  |  September 28, 2007  | 

albinocatfishAlbino Catfish


  1. kw

    Master Blaster!!!

  2. lurker

    this music is awesome.

  3. mari

    come to my solo show!!

  4. Michael Olszak

    Cool stuff. Awesome style.

  5. Jamsey

    tell me that isn’t cool…Its COOL!

  6. rochelle

    mari-you have an amazing & very distinctive style. i love it.

  7. Erika Adre

    WOW!! that is suuuper cool!!

  8. tiz

    awesome! Mari, youre drawings and paintings are so amazing. It is my dream to own one of your paintings, but im always too late. the good ones are gone already 🙁

    when are you going to have a show in Amsterdam?!


  9. Nick

    very veeeeeeeery nice work!!!!!


  10. Mark


  11. shoji

    she was 9 when she got her BFA?


  12. sergio

    no. In 1995 she went to the US..

  13. Luis

    WoW!! You are Great! I love your style.. you inspire me.
    I love your paintings specially the one you did for the totoro forest project.. they take you to a wonderful place full of lightness and Kick ass characters.. they are just simply beautiful..
    Keep up the awsome work! I wish you the best!

  14. Mr

    Abraham, get back to work.

  15. Julia

    love the music !!!

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