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Artist: Marc Gabbana  |  May 1, 2010  | 

A true master at work, stoked to bring you Marc Gabbana in his debut sketch video, with music hand picked by Marc as an ode to his Detroit city metal roots, Seduce!

seduce_album Seduce


  1. SERPO

    Yeah, that’s bad ass!

  2. Evan

    Awesome as always, Marc!! A joy as always to see your process 🙂

  3. David Horn

    A pure joy to see a master at work – amazing how the details just keep piling on!

    David Horn

    SOD magazine

  4. Paul Roberts

    Amazing work Marc – great to get an insight into your process!

  5. giuseppe orlando

    very nice compliments

  6. Chris

    Very sick.

  7. Steffan Schulz

    Marc is one of the most talented cinema artists on the planet. And one of the nicest, most genuine people too. And he’s almost that quick.

  8. Sean Stewart

    Ahhh great worrrrrrk! nice work with those markers. old school style. haha

  9. RGIII

    Amazing. Kick Ass!!

  10. Neli

    Mon cher ami, tu as un talent exceptionel. Bravo!!!!

  11. robert

    Salut mon neveu,c’est magnifique what else? Quand je pense que petit ta passion etait les “legos” Felicitations

  12. Miles

    Fascinating video and brilliant work. The white pencil on the creature’s far leg is very effective at giving depth.

  13. carole deitrich

    Bad ass is right and it was great fun to watch.

  14. chris kerins

    Hi Marc, where do you get the pointed nib Design Marker? I bought a few boxes of them 10 – 12 years ago, but they’ve all run out and I can’t find any more? Dou you buy them somewhere or have a secret stash?

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