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Artist: Luke Chueh  |  June 15, 2011  | 

The only remedy for June Gloom here at ST is a new installment from Luke Chueh, check out his fourth where The Flaming Lips provide a little sunshine with The Spiderbite Song.

FlamingLips.jpeg The Flaming Lips


  1. Bigrob

    Myself and my 6 year old daughter love Luke’s teddies. Last year we were lucky enough to see some ‘outsider art’ at Bristol Museum and my daughter fell in love with Luke’s ‘Pin Cushion’ ; a bear with lots of pins stuck in him. So thankyou Luke for giving my daughter something that stirred her empathy for that bear so much that she had to have a post card of it to take home.

  2. JLim

    Love Luke’s Work – Can’t wait 2 c the Toy!

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