Katy Hargrove 01

Artist: Katy Hargrove  |  January 20, 2010  | 

Debut sketch from miss Katy Hargrove, who designs creatures and will show you how, soundtrack from Band of Horses!

boh_coverfinal Band of Horses


  1. Ellis In Culver City

    Nice. makes me think of Curse of the Demon

  2. Donald Watland

    I am unable to view the video. I have tried both IE8 and Google Chrome. What format or viewer is needed?

  3. Aimee Kuester

    I love her style

  4. Lily Feliciano

    Donald, it is a Flash video. I would try more browsers if you already have the latest Flash installed, Firefox , Explorer, Safari all work.

  5. HolyMane

    this gotta be the cuttest dog, eva!! hey wait…it looks like a chinese dragon ,with a dogy expression heh, anyway the music is also cool!

  6. Chris

    Very nice style.

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