Jen Wang 01

Artist: Jen Wang  |  May 4, 2010  | 

Jen Wang in her debut sketch video, like a breath of fresh air she has arrived.  Music selected by Jen for this piece from Los Angeles darlings The Long Lost.

m_2b629a394597478ab54388f24df19c14 The Long Lost


  1. Eric Carl


  2. NeoN

    Thats super cute, great cheeky little character.

    Skillfully done ^__^

  3. Mateus

    nice job and the song really fits in !

  4. Roy Nottage

    Love it, really nice character 😀

  5. Kyle


    I’d love to see artists note the materials they’re using (pencils, paper, etc) in the details for these videos. I’m always curious what people prefer.

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