Izzy 04

Artist: Izzy  |  October 25, 2011  | 

Izzy time! Installation 04 with music from Yo La Tengo and love from Lovecraft ….. not Harry Potter kids!


Yo La Tengo


  1. Vodoo People

    I can’t see the video!!! but the draw is beautifull

  2. Brian Whitmire

    this is so sick

  3. Brian Whitmire

    no video tho!

  4. Conny

    Izzy is the most entertaining person to watch on this entire website!

  5. Conny

    Here comes my Izzy, here he comes now.
    And now it comes as no surprise to me, with another guy.

    Here comes my Izzy, here he comes now.

  6. cid228

    Lovely and crafty ..*cough*

  7. Creative82

    Very kool

  8. arkham123

    Great Job!

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