Izzy 03

Artist: Izzy  |  May 31, 2011  | 

It’s always so great to have Izzy back for a mind blowing sketch session, if this guy doesn’t inspire you you may already be dead. Enjoy Izzy 03 with music from Chicago’s Unicycle Loves You (best name ever?!)

1862959146-1 Unicycle Loves You


  1. first

    Well that was cool 🙂

  2. jill goldberg

    i may be from the older generation i am a flower child from the woodstock era but i am a true lover of this kind of material sometimes i wish i could tirn back the hands of time today is totally different from when i grew up it was peace love and rock and roll so peace and i am still young at heart from jill from philly

  3. jmalave

    I’m inspired, so that means I can’t be dead yet :p

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