Izzy 02

Artist: Izzy  |  April 8, 2011  | 

Izzy is back! LOVE this little creation…  with a track from Davidicus.

illo_dragonfly Davidicus


  1. MPaquin

    Is he dipping straight from the tube when he’s adding white?

  2. Izzy


  3. Keredith

    Really awesome stuff. Im always impressed by poeple doing really cool art ananlog style. Keep up the cool work

  4. jmalave

    If I were to express how impressed I am by this drawing by bowing, my head would be through the floor like an ostrich’s head in the sand. That’s a terrible way of putting it, but bottom line: This is really sick.

  5. Derek

    very inspirational! every time i see something like this i get the urge to grab a sketch pad and start drawing. hope to see more of ur work!

  6. Dayne

    This is incredibly awesome.

  7. mungo

    Can’t stop watching this one. Sooooo good.

  8. davidicus

    if you like the track: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Davidicus/182473231787531
    it’s available on iTunes too!

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