Glenn Arthur 01

Artist: Glenn Arthur  |  April 14, 2011  | 

A stunning debut from artist Glenn Arthur, I interpret this beauty as Persephone herself presenting Spring and not a moment too soon! Music from more So Cal boys, Crocodiles for some dark and hexing contrast. Enjoy!



  1. Roberto Morales

    AHH GLENN! I’m so Proud of u.. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUSLY BEAUTIFUL!… i love u brutha.. and great job.. just in case u dont know who this is.. its ROBERT! lol haha.. 🙂 wooo for Glenn!

  2. -Idojima-

    Very nice.

  3. Nickie

    Eeeee!!!! Glennnnnn!!!! You are fantastic! I didn’t realize you use so many pencils while you sketch! :O I’ma throw my underwear atcha if I see you sketch in public!!! (Beautiful choice of music!)

  4. Apricot

    This is a very iconic, beautifully executed sketch Glenn! Mad props man, mad props.

  5. Jessica Ward

    Fantastic sketch, well done Glenn!

  6. jmalave

    I feel like the beauty of the changing seasons just knocked straight in the gut with a sucker punch of pure, incredibly rendered awesomeness. That’s a weird way of me saying that your sketch is incredible and I can’t wait to see more of your stuff!

  7. Glenn Arthur

    You guys are so awesome! Thank you so much! I’m really looking forward to doing another sketch!

  8. Sara F.E.

    An amazing drawing and a very inspiring video!

  9. SERPO

    One of the best on sketch theater!

  10. case

    yeah diggn it!

  11. mohammad

    its realy great….mesmerising eyes!!

  12. Dayne

    That’s DOPE!!! Great job, sir.

  13. BrokeBot

    this is excellent! 😀 i love watching a drawing be created- perfect.

  14. Leisa

    Brilliant! It’s like I was there!!!!

  15. Gwenette Writer Sinclair

    I LOVE your left hand:)

  16. daisy

    SO stunning! Gorgeous!

  17. k.v. khai

    STUNNINGLY on pointe!

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