Baby Tattooville 2009

Artist: Baby Tattooville, Events  |  November 10, 2009  | 

The early fall brought a spectacular event called Baby Tattooville. It’s organized annually by the publisher of Baby Tattoo books, Bob Self. One weekend and a countless assortment of top talent from the local art scene. This year brought a congregation of James Gurney, Michael Hussar, Audrey Kawasaki, Travis Louie, Molly Crabapple, Elizabeth McGrath, Miss Mindy, Johnny “KMNDZ” Rodriguez, KRK Ryden, Tara McPherson, Gris Grimly, Tim Biskup, Gary Baseman, Yoskay Yamamoto , Nate Frizzell, Luke Chueh, Jeff Soto, Lithium Picnic, and many more.

A number of these artists participated in the Art Jam (a 4 x 5 foot canvas, brushes, acrylics, and 24 hours of to collaboratively cover it in their signature styles) this year for the first time this process was captured by the cameras of Sketch Theatre, and you can see the results here!


  1. Jessica Ward

    Truly an amazing piece of art work and so cool to capture it all in a time lapse!

  2. lisa gloria

    This fills me with joy!!

  3. case magazine

    would love to have that piece

  4. Zla Lasicka

    L E G E N D A R Y.. this piece really rulez.. so much energy so much styles… really nice

  5. Eric

    Rock and roll!

  6. Robyn Guinn

    outstanding art!! this is truly what art is.

  7. Sean Stewart

    awesome collab! looks so goood!

  8. Yahya Ehsan

    truly a privilege to see such a thing really happening 🙂

  9. Apricot Mantle

    A juicy chunk of fresh art history for the chillins.

  10. KDLIG


  11. jmalave

    That truly is an inspiring and unbelievably concentrated amount of artistic talent on one canvas. I’d love to have a session like that with these people : P

  12. A. O. PAUL

    Love it when Hussar came in and destroyed all the woodgrain with gray paint.

  13. d.r.hill

    I’m shocked, Hussar didn’t try anything with flame… or take it outside and hose it down…

  14. Stacy

    This is so amazing…I would love to hang this on my wall.

  15. Facter

    PRINT PLEASE!!! very, very cool.

  16. Addison

    That was bad ass.
    How cool it was to be apart of some thing so fun as that.

  17. Intervain

    that’s just rocking! I love James Gurney’s part hehe

  18. Dawood Marion

    Dope stuff guyz.. thoroughly inspiring!!!

  19. manoj a menon

    such a rush of sheer creativity

  20. D.D.eivid

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PURE AWSOMeNESS!!!!!!!!

    Print please, or at least a wallpaper.

    ST needs to post more of these videos.

  21. JesterDev

    Totally amazing. I was quite inspired!

    Btw, who is that band playing? Love that song.

  22. JesterDev

    Never mind. The Stooges.. Feel kinda dumb now, I have the album.

    Once again, absolutely amazing work!

  23. MonsterMyer

    wow! thats truly an amazing collaboration …

  24. Michael Grills

    Fantastic Collab. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Martha Pennington

    This is just awesome!!!

  26. Tedzey71

    I love collabs! All those styles on one canvas! THATS BADASS!

  27. Charisse

    This is awesome!!! So much fun!

  28. contessa

    soooo that is how its done! i wanna watch again xoxo! fabulous

  29. Sophiarosado

    Really amazing artistic work. It capture all hearts.

    I love all artists work at here especially James Gurney’s. This is the result of the hard work.

    Keep up the good work.


  30. Ujzoioj


  31. Mike Connare

    I loved this concept and video, but went to show it to someone today and it wouldn’t load. Needless to say I was bummed, please fix whatever went wrong, this video was awe-inspiring.

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