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Artist: Doug Sneyd  |  March 7, 2012  | 

Please welcome Doug Sneyd to ST, an iconic artist who’s brilliant work has spanned 40 years of Playboy magazine. Check out his fun debut video!



  1. tiago

    Epic .ahhuaahuahuahuahua

  2. k.v. khai

    you’re like a fine wine getting more “seasoned” with time … LOVE this!

  3. Heidi Hutson

    FYI: the video of Doug’s drawing from SDCC 2011 has been disabled/unavailable for some time. It’s great and a number of his fans have emailed that they’d enjoy seeing it. thanks

  4. lfeliciano

    not sure why Vimeo deleted this, sorry to all of Doug’s fans who emailed me. It’s back and on the home page so its easier to find for a while! 🙂

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