David "VYLE" Levy 01

Artist: David "VYLE" Levy  |  April 19, 2008  | 

David “VYLE” Levy Sketch 01


  1. Tommy

    LOVE your style!

  2. DrMostro

    wow, your sketchs are great. what kind of pen is that?? i had never saw it!!

  3. Zubuyer

    That was awesome! I love your style man… Its so lose and organic. Keep it up! me now ur fan!

  4. Dan

    Super sketch Vyle, c’est bien de voir des sketch loose de toi, d’hab. je vois toujours le produit final et la plus part du temps digital. Salutations de Montreal

  5. ettore

    I have found it! It’s a COPIC WIDE MARKER…

  6. Brinna

    wow these are hella sweet. i will have to find this marker….it seems really fun to draw with!

  7. ettore

    yes. it is really fun to draw with! I have used it, and is really helpful for quick sketches!

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