David "VYLE" Levy 04

Artist: David "VYLE" Levy  |  February 25, 2010  | 

Vyle and the Warlocks! Turn this one up and enjoy Sketch #4 from David “Vyle” Levy.

the warlocksThe Warlocks


  1. marcelo tonidandel

    quick and beautiful

  2. Chris

    Love the style.

  3. Dan Fowler

    I feel the flowing dress.

  4. p-jay

    It’s so quick, yet so awesome. Or isn’t the awesomeness implied with the quickness? oO

  5. Caerphilly

    Oh, I just saw this one! I love how much movement there is with very little lines.

  6. Caerphilly

    I meant a few amount of lines….

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