Dave Hill 07

Artist: Dave Hill  |  October 10, 2011  | 

Watch Dave Hill in lucky installment number 07! Music from Puscifer.



  1. Bridge

    The preview image promises great things, but the video seems to be absent! I would greatly appreciate it if someone could look into fixing this.

  2. Mike

    Same here 🙁

  3. en

    Been here 3 days now and this dang video isn’t playing.. what’s up admin?

  4. Richard

    Come on, fix this! we want to see it….

  5. Lily Feliciano

    fingers crossed it should be fixed for all!

  6. SERPO

    Fuck yeah….. Dave Hill is the ambidextrous master of all that is dark!!

    Fucking dope, dude….


  7. Caerphilly

    I’m glad this started working. Amazing!

  8. Melisa

    This is so damn rad and Puscifer are awesome!

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