Dave Hill 06

Artist: Dave Hill  |  May 15, 2011  | 

It’s been a long time since Dave Hill checked in, he was missed! Check out installment 06 with a new track from Deftones!

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  1. tiago

    Brutal and sick as always….Two hands leave me no words…congrats Dave

  2. Dikran

    :/ with two hands ? wtf i hardly draw with one hand 🙁 .. but really good job i enjoy’d it 🙂

  3. Acey Hill

    That’s my dad:) <3

  4. Acey Hill

    OH! And the song should’ve been deftones in my opinion <3

  5. DR Hill

    Hey my beautiful Beanhead!! Thanks darlin!! The song fits this drawing though, “Queen Indica” is her name, she should be sitting on a “Dopethrone” Ha!!

  6. Glenn Arthur

    So amazing! Being ambidextrous must be awesome!

  7. jmalave

    Every time a Dave Hill video pops up on here, I put all else aside and focus. I’ve never been disappointed and I doubt I ever possibly could be :p

  8. steven

    Great job man! Never knew you could do “it” with both hands!

  9. nancy caldwell

    Wow! Dave you are awesome. That’s crazy! Luke’s tattoo is fabulous. Great job. Luke’s Mom

  10. Ted Caldwell

    It is hard to believe that those hands used to handle a Vulcan Chain Tongs and Side Door Elevators. Good luck out there, Big Dave!!

  11. DR Hill

    I had to do something, Ted, I don’t rock the “starving artist” too well! Besides, the drilling industry actually kept me young, and introduced me to some serious bad asses !!!

  12. DR Hill

    And Nancy, I’ve always called ya mom, even though I’ve never got to know you. Just one of those incredibly great people! And another artist so thx for the compliment!

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