Danni Shinya Luo 01

Artist: Danni Shinya  |  September 14, 2010  | 

Help me welcome Danni Shinya Luo in her St debut! Go Danni … such a gorgeous sketch!


  1. steven

    wow Isac voice sounds like a little Asian girl?
    Nice sketch dani!

  2. Brian Whitmire

    Great work!


    All I can say is this is the reason my daughters name is DANNI!

  4. jmalave

    This picture is just so alive with such an awesome flow to it! Please come back to do some more!

  5. Jessica Ward

    Awesome, love your style.

  6. tracey

    love love love her work, check out her new book, it’s awesome!

  7. k.co

    Lovely and incredibly nice… very good!!!

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