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Artist: Danni Shinya  |  March 16, 2011  | 

The lovely Danni Shinya Luo in her second installment, “Year of the Rabbit” breathtaking! Music from the equally lovely Karen O and The Kids.

Karen-O-and-the-Kids-All-I-s-Love-400x400 Karen O & The Kids


  1. Nelli

    Sooooo beautiful!
    What type of pencil/pens have you used for this? Soft pencil for the finish or is that a pen?
    Really nice; I love your style!!

  2. Shinya

    it’s col-erase red pencil for the first part, then a regular ball point pen for the clean up =)

  3. SERPO

    Lovely work!


  4. p-jay

    Loved it.

  5. Criticuria

    Wow! Even the bunny is gorgeous!

    Love the eyes … those lashes and upper lid angles are … wow. Pools of sweetness! lol

  6. Golem_Québécois


  7. Hanns

    Serious- a rabbit, a tit and a cute smile? For what?

  8. roghk

    looks good your skill~ 😀

  9. rasgorio

    Lovely sketch! I really like your technique. Kudos to you 😉

  10. eagle

    Relay very nice work, which pencil do u use

  11. Blurhead

    Really loved watching this, extremely cute expression on the girl !

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