Dan Quintana 01

Artist: Dan Quintana  |  January 29, 2010  | 

Dan Quintana’s Sketch Theatre debut! With music from LA instrumentalists Pelican

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  1. SERPO

    Fuckin’ Gnarly

  2. matt

    Killin it! Can’t go wrong with Pelican

  3. Ken

    this is great Dan

  4. jake

    Fuck yes to this.

  5. Antone

    That was inspirational!

  6. Chris

    Sick work.

  7. Marc

    Hell ya thats awesome

  8. angelart2009

    nice I like your technique its beautifull

  9. sam watson

    amazing sketch, spontaneus and inspiring. well it inspired me anyway. and its everything i love in a sketch, its sketchy lol.

  10. Karen

    Sick work!

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