Carlos Torres 02

Artist: Carlos Torres  |  June 28, 2011  | 

The amazing Carlos Torres in his second installment!

modest-mouse Modest Mouse


  1. Dikran

    we don’t have a video up here (-_-‘)

  2. Mike

    Same here, nada!!!

  3. Big Will

    I’m noticing that this is a reoccurring problem. Could the Powers That Be please double check their work before they post new vids?

  4. Stu Balls

    Video doesn’t work and I think it’s typical new world order shenanigans. Looks like no Carlos Torres second installment for me so I guess I’ll load the bong and grab my pencil, for freedom of course, because all in all, that is how I roll. All hand jobbin aside, I like you folks. Was this video fun to watch? May never know, but based off the consistent awesomeness of previous videos I am confident that this video is too. So without further molestation of the cyber dimension, Im off to attain some sense of ascension, and exhale some smoke through a bathroom fart fan ventilation. Peace.

  5. claudio

    doesnt work…shame

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