Double chaos! Carl Grace and Josh Hagan taking it to the next level of inspiration with music from Los Angeles’ spooky surf legends The Ghastly Ones!

A Haunting We Will Go-Go The Ghastly Ones


  1. tiago

    Oh my fucking God, That´s What I Call “EPIC”…Bravo Boys Amazing Talent…

  2. Lily Feliciano

    aren’t they f’n awesome?! This was a fun video to make for sure! 🙂

  3. tiago

    And do not forget to say you are fantastic Lilly , Thank you for providing us this spectacle…

  4. Glenn Arthur

    WOW! That was bad ass!

  5. Roberto Morales

    um.. all i can really say is wow.. and very inspiring :)..

    i think imma go draw now .. tee hee >:)

  6. Joshua Watson

    Carl, Josh, That was a Killer video man. You guys have some amazing talent. Thanks for the help Josh with the advice with the shop. things are going really good. Talk to you guys soon

  7. jmalave

    If I were to express my approval for this video by vomiting, I would fill a small reservoir and then dry heave into nonexistence. Bottom line: You guys kick ass and I really hope to have something by each of you inked onto my flesh at some point. Rad.

  8. rite

    Super – is all that

  9. rite

    the music sucked, period!!! I have a tat by Josh, get compliments ALL the time. But seriously, Mettalica or Hollywood Undead or even 5FDP- NOT the crude that is on there.

  10. E.

    what pencil does he use?

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