Carl Grace 01

Artist: Carl Grace  |  October 26, 2010  | 

Please check out Carl Grace in his ST debut! A killer sketch with a classic tune from A Perfect Circle

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    Describing what Carl just achieved is pointless, it stands alone! As for me after the week I’ve had already, that actually saved my life! Thanks Carl that was an honor!

  2. Nina1305

    *mouth wide open*….that was so awesome! just amazing! wow! use of material A+++!!!

  3. Carl Grace

    Thank you all, I hope to do more in the future!

  4. Juan LA

    Wow, just awesome Carl!! I can’t wait for the next one!

  5. tiago

    Just Beauty an brutal at the same time….awesome sketch , powerfull and skilled..

  6. amin

    wow mr carl…..dats awesummmmmmm ….sketch…cant believe my eyes

  7. amin

    such creative skill……hats off…

  8. raphael

    spectacular… a great hand doing a awesome art work…. hope seeing a lot more..

  9. Caerphilly

    Wow…just wow…

  10. Sara F.E.

    I am stunned and filled with respect for the amazing artist.

  11. Mae E Goulet

    Blew me away!FAROUT!

  12. paulehr

    my god this is pretty damn amazing

  13. Serpo

    This is one of the best on sketch theatre….

  14. Big Tasty

    Holy Crap! That’s great!

  15. Big Will

    Thank you for sharing your incredible talent with us. That is not a sketch, but a piece of art. I for one am inspired.

  16. Mistah JulezArt

    Great one!!! pretty genius style! learned a lot just by watching this short clip! respect!

  17. Smeat

    Maynard would be pleased Carl.

  18. Kaykay

    Holy s***! Simply epic dude!

  19. Brian T

    Sick Carl!!! I could watch that all day. Keep up the hard work it is appreciated.. The chest plate healed nicely thanx again for putting in the long day in Boston.. BT

  20. verbeaco

    my baby brother is beautiful…thank you for showing the world how talented and brilliant and crazy you are. i can understand how these people start to love you just from watching your skills unfold, it makes me love you even more…

  21. kenny

    Truly amazing…I enjoyed watching the video…keep focused…

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