Big Tasty 03

Artist: Big Tasty  |  March 2, 2011  | 

Big Tasty in his 3rd installment, and it is his birthday week! Happy Birthday Tasty!  Here his two rescue dogs help him celebrate along with Japanese rebels Melt-Banana!

29846 Melt-Banana


  1. Dan Harding

    You’re the man! Excellent!!!!

  2. IDuDe

    What the fuck was that shitty annoying song? Who picks out the music for these videos?
    Anyway… Great drawing. I hope to see more of your sketches.

  3. IDuDe

    Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! 😀

  4. tatomir

    LOL! that was greatly enjoyable! Love it! and Happy Birthday!

  5. Apricot


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