Apricot Mantle 04

Artist: Apricot Mantle  |  October 21, 2010  | 

No better way to keep the Halloween vibe creepy in here than to bring you the latest installation from Apricot Mantle, enjoy his fourth video with music from Crocodiles!



  1. tiago

    Hey man….I wish you give us a demo about your techniques on the gnomon workshop, I think will be nice…. love your work and crazy frames…thanks man

  2. Mark

    Hey Apricot nice sketch
    Thats Jessica correct?
    Came out bad ass 🙂
    Keep it going cant wait for your next installment 🙂

  3. Big Tasty

    Hell Yeah! It was great meetin’ you the other day…can’t wait to do a doodle mash-up!

    I have some really nice watercolor paper that needs your help!


  4. Apricot

    Hey Tiago that sounds like a cool idea. Maybe someday I can do a tutorial for the Gnomon Workshop. I am glad you dig it. @Mark, yes that is my wife Jessica she is my muse, and thank you. @ BigTasty, can’t wait to do some colorin for ya, it was very nice meeting you as well. Your a crazy cool dude man.

  5. Jessica Ward

    Great job Apricot! and a tutorial would be sweet!

  6. Misaki

    I’m always so amazed by your use of colors….

  7. chase

    black paper would drive me nuts.good stuff tho!

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