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Artist: Apricot Mantle  |  December 22, 2009  | 

Apricot Mantle creates a vision of Mrs. Clause and her dirty deeds, with a little Vandals tune to make it super sick!

6a00c2252802de604a00e398c8651f0001-320pi The Vandals


  1. Jessica

    LOL Merry Christmas! Scary!

  2. Dae

    Super sick! Love it. The blood splatter is prime! And the look on her face is creepy, yet warm. lol.

  3. shanda

    Did u hear Mrs Clause killed Santa. She caught him eating other womens cookies.

  4. Tom

    I wish I could watch it! Merry Christmas!!!

  5. Apricot

    Bad Santa…BAD SANTA! You are exactly right Shanda. She was fed up with his shit! That’s what he gets. Also thank you Dae.

  6. SERPO

    I, as an artist love the originality in your work. Colored pencils are awesome, brother!!!


  7. mercury

    i’d hate to get on her naughty list! <3 it very cool.

  8. Apricot

    Thanks Serpo!

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