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Artist: Alvin Lee  |  November 19, 2007  | 



  1. William Rogero

    Such an inspiration! wonderful skill! Bravo keep it up!

  2. abdoul

    hey alvin is it ok if u can draw ryu from streetfighter and send it t my email i would reall like that (ur my hero)

  3. mike

    awesome, alvin i like a lot your style.

    Best Regards from Mexico

  4. Alvin Lee

    Hey guys, great work you have done here! Thank you for the support guys, i really appreciate it! If you want, abdoul send me an email at and i can hook you up with a ryu sketch!

  5. Johan Umaña

    I have always told it to you… you are a great artist…. I hope to arrive some day at your level

  6. Manesh Samtani

    Alvin, first time I’ve seen this! It’s amazing! I had no idea how talented you were! Keep it up man..

  7. Mike Yo

    What up Alvin? Whens the site going to be up? I see your stuff everywhere. You stuff is BAD ASS… You’re the f*cking man!!! So how do I get my hands on a sketch? Love the work, keep it up!

  8. Chris Ferguson

    hey alvin is it kool that you draw on or two of my character(s) in your style man i would really appreicate it man your style is DA BOMB (BOOOOMMMM!!!)

  9. George Gatimu

    Wow your really fuckin good i was wonderin if i can send you my pic and then you like draw it in that anime style you got going on ill even pay please tell me wassup and dam your good

  10. Damian Gajardo

    What made you keep on going, because the track is sometimes difficult, great work!

  11. Jerez Challenger

    Hey Alvin your the best. Yo give me my inspiration and all.

  12. NASSER

    coool work man 🙂 …..

    im a big fan ….


  13. Akasukekuro

    Great man hope one day i surpass you !!!!!!! 😛 (in the long long long future) 😀

  14. Zelias

    I am a huge fan of yours mate! Go back to comics plz, i miss you.

  15. kaos

    man you’re drawing like a god Oo
    it looks like you know exactly what you are drawing !
    I hope I will draw as well as yo somtimes

  16. luis fernando

    me gustan tus dibujos ya que estudio arte en colombia tu tecnica se adihere un poko al comics te deseo suerte hermano gracias

  17. Brinna

    wow. you are amazing. you dont even use outlines. you just draw. im jealous…hope to be like you some day!

  18. Chris K

    I was very surprised to see such a well composed and dynamic pose starting from just a foot! Your understanding of anatomy and perspective must be hardwired though practice. Exaggeration of movement+motion– fantastic~

  19. roms

    mate your the best iv ever seen can u please help me out bro reckon you could give me some tips g

  20. coldframe

    coool Mr. Lee

  21. Deborah H

    You are a fantastic artist that understands anatomy and perspective this is a great gift to animation.
    May you best days be your future worst days. Keep up the good work

  22. HolyMane

    alvin offered a riu sketch, PLEASE allow hin to do that !!! anyway awesome job here!

  23. tonye

    i hope you will see my heart in this

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