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Artist: Alex Alvarez  |  February 14, 2011  | 

A long awaited welcome to the very founder of Sketch Theatre! Alex is the quintessential artist we love to bring to ST, talented, career minded, creative and almost too busy to draw for us … but did anyway 🙂  Music from the classiest punks of all time … Dead Kennedys

dead-kennedys Dead Kennedys


  1. Jessica

    Really great drawing!

  2. Apricot

    Right on! It is great to see you on here Alex 🙂

  3. gopal

    pretty good gotta learn more from here

  4. -AP-

    Sometimes I wish these were filmed in slow motion instead of extra fast.

  5. Kate

    Awesome. Great stuff, Alex.

  6. Dylan

    Great stuff, Alex.

  7. -Idojima-

    Wow really awesome. love it.

  8. Alex

    Thanks for the comments! Nice choice of music Lily!

  9. Gareth Jensen

    In DK we trust, nice work

  10. Brian Whitmire

    well done sir, love the ears

  11. TJ Ryan

    Awesome Alex! Those characters look really cool.

  12. Aimee Kuester

    And we are reminded why Alex is the founder of our lovely community. 🙂 six unique monsters in the time it takes most to do one!

  13. Ca

    No words man, justo let me mouth opened !

  14. k.v. khai

    whoa … freakin’ WHOA! 😀

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