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Artist: Adi Granov  |  March 3, 2010  | 

Adi Granov, concept artist extraordinaire! He’s made some things you probably care about, and it shows. Here is his debut video on ST. He also likes Laibach, a nice choice!

album-volk Laibach


  1. Aimee Kuester


  2. Toni

    Amazing work, looking forward for that gnomon DVD.
    Regards from Bosina

  3. Gallo

    awesome!!! i like your work

  4. Vanderwolff

    Your selection of values: dark vs. light are impeccable—your use of tone and shadow, masterly.
    Thank you for showing us this triumph of imagination and flawless craft.

  5. Lily Feliciano

    Hi all! Thank you for the comments. Please keep them coming, we love comments! A few people have asked about Adi’s materials. I just heard back from him today and here is the list! 🙂 L

    “I use mostly a 2B pencil, and I believe that’s all I used for the sketch, just a 2B lead holder and a 2B mechanical pencil. I also use a kneaded eraser as well as an electric one for the fine highlights.” – Adi

  6. conte

    it was a real pleasure to see the master at work.
    thanks a lot!

  7. Jake Duncan

    Adi is really great, I really loved his design work on Iron Man

  8. Mike

    Yeah, more of ADI please!!!

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