1. yoskay

    yay nate!!!

  2. Patricia

    It would be great to see… the box says no longer available??/

    Nate is a wonderful young artist! We love his work! Keep it coming…

  3. DasUncle

    Amazing talent have you Young Frizzell!!

  4. evanjed

    The drawing of the boy on the power lines is amazing. I absolutely love it. Way to go Nathan.

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    Yes I agree with you!

  6. Sir

    Insanity. Love the power lines drawing.

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  8. Maliyah

    You have the Mos Amazing Site EVerPretty Impressive work!

  9. ShonDa

    Your work is fucking amazing!

  10. rach

    nate pretty much owns this site, I love all these drawings!!!

  11. Sasquatch

    Ridiculously clean, unbelievable understanding of light and shadow, and precise execution of human form. I want to give up.

  12. Brittany Poquis

    Holy shit dude. Wowwwwww:]]]] Your art is extremely amazing. So jealous!

  13. Thomas

    Has anyone ever commented on how you hold our pencil. I hold my pencil the exact same way. I’m afraid when I go to college that the professor will have me change my pencil grip. I cant hold my pencil using the tripod grip. Any advice for me on what your experience has been?

    Amazing job by the way:)

  14. GuyManningham.com

    Nice visual metaphor. Screaming his heart out. Good use of shadow for emphasis too. Well played, sir.

  15. K Candy

    I love your stuff

    Any chance of more sketches from Mr Frizzell???

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